Address at Kansas State Univ., 1987
Ag Production -- A Manufacturing Industry?
Equity of Trade Versus Free Trade
Food for Thought About Food
Free Market Theory Falls on its Face
by Thayne Cozart

In The Beginning ....
Out-of-balance raw materials prices causes national debt creation
History of the Parity Concept
The Environmental Cost of Cheap Raw Materials Policy
by Fred Lundgren & Jerome Friemel

The Birth of Raw Material Economics
U.S. Economic Road Back To Stability Not Easy, But Possible
Energy & Economics – Bound By Cycles and Natural Laws
Long-Term Economic Cycles Ignore Short-Term Economic Indicators
by Charles Walters

Country Gentleman (magazine article)
by E. H. Taylor

Our American Heritage
by Carl H. Wilken

Down With Commodities II
by Martin Harris

Earth Day

 Distribution of Goods, Income, And Services
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